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Many owners of small and medium-sized businesses have stated how much they dislike payroll and the administration and paperwork that goes with it.

They consider this a time-consuming exercise as well as a drain on their precious resources which could be used on the more important aspects of their business. Another area which the businesses have to deal with are taxation legislations (including auto-enrolment) and the complexities they have to navigate regarding employment laws which are ever-changing.

Are you seeking a professional, cost-effective and reliable service which includes everything from starters and leavers to PAYE coding notice changes, provision of weekly and monthly payslips, auto-enrolment as well as ensuring that the business is complying with the relevant HMRC rules and regulations.

Then look no further than Adeza. Our payroll services include the following:

  1. Taking the information you provide us to prepare weekly and monthly payslips as required.
  2. Dealing with starters and leavers in the period and preparing the relevant P45’s.
  3. Administration of PAYE, National Insurance, Statutory Sick Pay, Statutory Maternity Pay etc. for the employees as well as Directors.
  4. Completion of year-end returns to submit to HMRC, P60’s to the employees and other relevant statutory forms.
  5. Prepare summaries and analysis of staff costs as and when required for the businesse’s cash-flow requirements.
  6. Administration of auto-enrolment and appropriate pension schemes.
  7. Administration of bonuses, ex-gratia and termination payments as well as other incentive schemes which the business may have.
  8. Preparation of P11D forms which calculate benefits-in-kind given to employees in a tax year.

Rest assured, we will always be there to answer any payroll questions you may have including changes to payroll legislation which may affect your business.

Our fees will be fixed and agreed with you before we begin.

We do not charge for telephone calls and emails you send us for specific questions you may have as Adeza is not in the business of “clock-watching” for fees.